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Prime Graphite is at the forefront of the productivity and quality revolution in EDM and other applications. Most of our customers are now using our high quality Japanese graphite with inputs from our technical team to improve their productivity and quality significantly.

Our Technical Services include:

  1. Benchmarking Services to assess current Performance Levels.
  2. Troubleshooting for different applications during Graphite use.
  3. Seminars at customer end to create awareness about Graphite and related processes.
  4. Co-Ownership projects to create Breakthrough Solutions with customers.

Benefit 1: Gain from reducing electrodes cost by over 50%

Comparison in performance of EDM electrode materials

PropertyGraphiteCopperCopper Tungsten
Electrode Wear RoughingExcellentFairFair
Electrode Wear FinishingGoodGoodExcellent
Thermal ExpansionExcellentBadExcellent
Benefit 2: Gain from superior EDM performance & breakthrough solutions