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Properties                                       GradesEDMFluid®
108 MP-S
Flusin® HV
Viscosity at 20°C (CST)3.006.00
Flash Point °C≥ 108≥ 125
Aromatic Hydrocarbon Content (%)0.0010.005
ApplicationHigh precision surface finish Medium & low surface finish & High MRR

Check Points For EDM Trouble Shooting

Too much electrode wear
Surface finish is too roughUnstable electric dischargeEDMing speed is too slow
Increase IPDecrease IPDecrease IP ( specially at start of EDM )Increase jump height
Optimise On-TimeOptimise On-TimeOptimise On-Time 200 μsec or more for HK-0 to HK-75 100 μsec or more for HK-3
(Above on time results in unstable electric discharge )
Set higher jump frequency
Lengthen the OFF-TimeIncrease jump speed
Check dielectric fluid
Increase IP
Optimise On_time