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SKH Technologies

We seek collaborative Relationship within our TIER 1 suppliers. This pro-active approach means we opt for the Best graphite in the market, which in turn makes us more competitive through higher productivity…
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AG Industries (G Max Auto Ltd.)

The Improvements in Productivity & Surface finish make a big impact on reducing our Costs & Improving our mould quality…
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EDM is a special technology, where Prime has taken lead to collaborate industry experts by sharing knowledge so as to uplift the current EDM development process…
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Uno Minda

Sharing of Technical know-how between Minda & Prime results in Sub-stantial EDM process improvements. This helps us meet our goals of On-time delivery at reasonable costs…
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Prism Tooling

Prime Graphite is basically a PARTNER of tool makers in improving pro-cess of EDM efficiency. They have been able to improve the EDM process continuously. This improves our lead time & Customer satisfaction…

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G Plast

EDM problem: Wear in Graphite electrodes resulting in delayed mould process.
Solution: Require right combination of EDM settings (program).
Benefit: Reduction in No. of Electrodes at customer end resulting in Cost & Time savings on EDM operation…

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The Prime team’s ability to solve our EDM issues is a huge advantage for us. We consider them a solution provider not graphite supplier…
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We are happy with the technical services and the initiatives taken by Prime Graphite. Their high quality Japanese graphite enhances our EDM performance…
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Selec Controls Pvt Ltd.

Initiative taken by Selec Control and Prime EDM Technical Team by conducting Joint Trials with Right Graphite Grade and appropriate ma-chining as well as Graphite Technology has resulted to attain Fine EDM Surface Finish up to 15 VDI with a very Minor Wear…

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EQIC Dies & Moulds Engineers Pvt Ltd.

The Precision Electrode machining quality, Urgent delivery support & quick response for Techno-commercial queries from Prime Customer sup-port team is really appreciated…

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